TCL Corporation to Restructure its Businesses

TCL Corporation says it is to  restructure its operations into 11 entities, deemed the “7 plus 3 plus 1 structure”, with seven entities focusing on the product businesses, three on the service businesses and one on the venture capital business.

Based on the current structure and the addition of new businesses, the firm’s product businesses are being divided into 7 groups: TCL Multimedia Holdings, TCL Communication Holdings, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), TCL Household Appliances Group, Tonly Electronics and two newly-established entities: commercial system business group and material business group.

The firm’s service businesses are being divided into 3 groups: a newly-established internet application service group (including GoLive TV, TCL-IMAX Entertainment and smart home projects), a newly-established logistics service group and a finance group.