Consolidation, OLEDs and LEDs

Most of the event was about software and systems. There was a panel about consolidation in the industry, with the CEOs of MultiQ and ZetaDisplay. Both agreed that there was more consolidation (but then, they have both made acquisitions). Both companies believe that the Nordics have done well in introducing and exploiting digital signage, and that there are opportunities to ‘move South’ into the rest of Europe. During the day

Our own Bob Raikes took part in a panel discussion at the very end of the conference. He highlighted the increased use of LEDs in small pixel pitches into the video wall market and, also on that panel, Stewart Caddick of Connectiv, a specialist in airport systems and responsible for, among others, the Dubai duty free areas, said that in that environment, the desire to eliminate bezels now means that the display of choice for large screens is now 2.5mm LED.

Raikes also spoke about the increasing importance of Chinese suppliers in the LCD market and how large LCDs will come down a lot in price over the next couple of years as Chinese G10+ fabs increase supply. He dismissed OLED in public display applications as ‘noise not signal’. He also highlighted the opportunities for higher brightness displays as LCDs become more efficient with new QD uses.

Connectiv runs the displays in the Duty Free stores in Dubai

Caddick also said that in some of its prime retail locations, the use of displays had been overdone, so because digital displays have become ubiquitous, designers are moving away from the technology. As a result, some of the locations now have fewer and smaller displays.

We missed it, as it was on the first day, but Urbansite spoke about the use of transparent and mesh-based LED systems to allow the development of innovative new LED displays and facades. The company has developed an LED media facade in Essen on a building of Funke Media Group. The media group controls the content on the building and has to be selected to be consistent with what can be shown where it si visible to motorists.

Funke Media LEDFunke Media LED – original image:Invidis