Compal Sees Shipments Rise 31% in February

Digitimes reports that notebook and PC shipments for Compal reached 2.9 million units in February, which is a rise of 31% from the January figure of 2.2 million. Although the shipment growth was 31% compared to January, the revenue growth was only 11.2% as the average selling price of the units in February was lower than January’s.

For March, Compal expects increased revenue growth with shipments reaching 3.3 million units. Although, the revenue forecast for the first quarter of 2017 is expected to show a drop of over 20% sequentially.

Last year, Compal shipped 36 million PCs, which was down 10% from the previous year when shipments were 40 million units. The fall was put down to Toshiba quitting the PC market in 2016.

The forecast for 2017 for notebook shipments, is 37-38 million units representing an increase from the 2016 figure of 34 million. Compal’s all-in-one PC shipments are expected to double to two million units in 2017, from the figure of around one million units in 2016. Compal originally expected their shipments of smartphone and tablets to reach 40 million units in 2016, but due to lower volume orders from the financially-troubled China-based LeEco, the figure was only 36 million units. (LeEco to Cut Payroll by 10% – Vizio Deal in Doubt?)