CINOPTICS ITEC 2017 Highlights

ITEC 2017 was a great succes for CINOPTICS. We had many visitors stopping by at our booth, strategicly located at the exhibit entrance and part of the impressive Holland Pavilion. In this newsletter, we would like to thank everybody who had the opportunity to visit us and have included the highlights for those of you who couldn’t attend. We also have Special Promotion offers that might interest you!

The introduction of the SMART-EYE is unique in the world. Our new AR Monocular was the center of attention and many visitors were amazed by its quality performance and ultra lightweight design. The SMART-EYE is equipped with our latest most advanced technology: a Full HD M-OLED display (1920 x1080), USB 3.1. Type C input, FHD Camera, IMU and wearable PC. It has been developed for Dutch Law Enforcement and will be tested by the Dutch Police Force later in 2017.

In case you missed our Special Promotion: you still have the opportunity to take advantage of our one time amazing price reduction on our latest Full HD OLED technology.

Full HD Platform on display

Another showstopper that gained a lot of interest at our booth was our latest Full HD Electronics Platform. Our in-house developed display driver technology is not only integrated in our latest end products, but now also available as an OEM kit. Our visitors were impressed by our expertise and experience in developing and producing this breakthrough technology and the quality of its performance.

Simulated Virtual Rifle Scope

Our Full HD display was also on show in the Simulated Virtual Rifle Scope, one of CINOPTICS’ new Training options that got a lot of attention during the exhibition.

ARGON, our Simulated Virtual Binocular, was also in the spotlights at the Lockheed Martin booth as part of their Full Land Training & Simulation system.