Cines Babel go digital with Christie Solaria One

Cines Babel in Valencia (Spain) have wrapped up the digitalisation of their five theatres with Christie Solaria One projectors supplied by Christie partner Ingevideo. In fact, Cines Babel is the first multiplex in Spain totally digitalised with this Christie projector model, perfect for screens measuring up to 9 metres wide.

Founded in 1997, Cines Babel specialises in subtitled arthouse films and the manager of the multiplex, Antonio Such, explained that “around four years ago, we noticed how copies in 35 mm were gradually beginning to disappear, and last year that process accelerated. So we saw a real need to digitalise our theatres. After evaluating three different brands, we opted for Christie because we found the quality it offered to be the best, and our opinion was corroborated by the experts we consulted.”
After a prior analysis of the theatres, Ingevideo, the company Babel commissioned to digitalise its multiplex, recommended Christie Solaria One as the projector best suited to the customer’s brief. “Given the size of our theatres, all five with screens under 10 metres, this model offered us by far the best value for money,” Antonio Such claimed.
The truth is that with the Christie Solaria One projectors, Cines Babel was able to automate its whole projection system. “The system is so simple that it doesn’t require operators. All the projections and theatres are automated and can be programmed once a week from a computer in our admin office and we can even do it remotely from a computer anywhere with Internet access,” said Antonio Such, before enthusiastically adding that “it has boosted the company’s productivity considerably, not to mention the noticeable improvement in the quality of the image and sound.”
The Christie Solaria One projector is a customised, DCI-compliant digital cinema solution that comes with a lens, custom-designed Xenon lamp, Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB) and an easy-to-operate Screen Management Software (SMS). The Christie Solaria One delivers 8000 lumens within the DCI-colour space and more than 9000 lumens when presenting alternative content.
Thanks to its bright Xenon lamp and S2K DLP®Cinema® technology, Solaria One produces the highest quality images at the lowest possible total cost in the market. As Miguel Motos from Ingevideo explained, “it’s a highly flexible system, ready for 3D and HFR contents.”
In addition, the Christie Solaria One has dual DVI/HDMI inputs for external alternative content sources, configurable for both 2D and 3D. As it happens, Cines Babel is currently preparing a programme of alternative content for this coming summer including concerts, opera and ballet.