High Five with Christoph Dassau of Ingram Micro

Christoph Dassau Ingram Micro

We recently decided to introduce a new feature that we’re calling ‘High Five’. We’re asking industry insiders five questions, each with five topics. Who better to start with than someone that has been at the centre of the European display market, covering monitors, TVs and projectors, for a number of years. A man who knows what sells in Europe, Christoph Dassau, director, professional audio video group (PAVG) at Ingram Micro.

1. What do you consider are the five most important market developments in the last five years?
Social Media was definitely one of the most important developments during the last years. Its 24/7 availability has been key in changing the behaviour of markets, our daily business and private life. Nowadays people are nearly always connected to the internet – with the PC at the office, at home with a Smart TV and on one’s way with a Smartphone. The whole development creates various market opportunities and causes a growing demand for intelligent displays. Storing and accessing data at anytime and anywhere is another development that needs to be mentioned. Today Cloud Computing is one of the most discussed and growing segments in the whole IT market. Technology-wise, the capability to produce Large LCD Screens had a huge impact on the TV market, as the new technology replaced CRTs.

2. What will be the five hot topics over the next five years?
Interactivity will drive applications and behaviour; touch and gesture technologies will gain traction. Just take five minutes of your time and take a look at ‘A Day Made of Glass’ by Corning on YouTube (DM note:; you will surely be deeply impressed with what is already possible. Cloud solutions and collaborations for consumers will become a key requirement, and we and our partners have to find answers how to participate in new cloud business models.
‘Bring Your Own Device’ is an approach that will be driven by the digital natives and will change service and security requirements in IT departments. Consumerisation of IT will especially impact CIOs, but also all IT channels. Furthermore, all kinds of Energy-Saving Technologies and applications have huge growth potential – and special IT equipment is needed to run those systems. Another hot trend is personalised and Digitised Advertising and Information on smartphones, Smart TVs and – especially – Digital Signage.

3. What are the five most interesting upcoming technology developments that you can see?
From the displays perspective, the most interesting technologies to come are OLED and maybe some kind of epaper; this technological breakthrough is almost 10 years overdue. LED Lighting is a seminal, growing and energy-saving development, where most of the displays industry is already involved. Provided that they are glasses-free, 3D Displays also have the potential to take off.
The topic with the highest growth potential – in my opinion – is Energy Storage. The challenge is to make decentralised energy production and consumption possible. This development should also give crucial impulse to the eAutomotive sector. To be efficient, all these new technologies need IT, storage and bandwidth, as well as some kind of display to control and regulate them. These are exciting developments – so let’s review this issue in five years!

4. What are five things you/your company stand for?
‘Do what you say, be serious, reliable, sometimes brave and always sustainable’ – I have learned that following these principles helps a lot in private as well as in business!

5. What are the five most important people or things in your life?
People are more important than things, so first of all I have to name my family. I really calm down and enjoy our celebrations, especially during Christmas time. Furthermore friends are very important to me. But aside from family and friends, health should be the most important thing for all of us. I like to do just a little sport in the morning when the air seems to be cleaner and fresher, even in a big city. Let the sun shine, then I am fine. And number six – it would be great to win the football championship in Brazil!