Christie Boxer 4K30 is ‘Projector of the Year’

Christie was first up on the stage for the main presentations at the prestigious AV Awards in London’s Park Lane to pick up the award for ‘Projector of the Year’ for Boxer 4K30. The Award was given by the panel of judges at the annual event organized by AV Magazine who said of Christie Boxer’s win, “At last there is a 30, 000 lumen projector that isn’t the size of a small car.”

James Belso, senior sales manager for the UK and Nordics, accepted the award on behalf of Christie with enthusiasm, saying, “I can’t say how pleased I am about Boxer being recognized. We had an internal launch at our global headquarters – with the boxer Lennox Lewis as guest of honour. The entire team came back with a buzz; we all knew we were on to a winner as soon as we saw it.”

Belso built on the judges’ tongue-in-cheek observation: “To halve the size of a projector and introduce a host of features at the same time isn’t easy,” he commented. “Boxer was the result of vision and over three years of work by Jeevan Vivegananthan, our senior director of product management, who I would really like to mention.”

Vivegananthan worked with some 30 engineers to bring the vision of Boxer to life; and throughout, rental stagers across the world were asked what they wanted in the ideal projector. “We knew we had the technological ability to build a 30,000 lumens projector at 68Kg,” he says. “We went backstage with our customers to see their challenges. For me, being able to see customers’ reactions was one of my greatest rewards. We spend years building their wish-list.’