Chinese TV Giant Hisense Showcases Its B2B Business English

The president of Hisense Group, Mr. Liu Hongxin, unveiled the branding and visual symbol of Hisense’s B2B business on 25th October in Qingdao. From January to September 2016, Hisense B2B companies’ sales revenue is already 27% of Hisense Group’s total and the profit share is 38%.

Hisense is enjoying a more balanced industrial structure between its traditional B2C business and new B2B business. As a result, Hisense Group achieved 78.5 billion RMB in sales income as of the end of September, increasing 6.53%, and profit reached 5.36 billion RMB, increasing 53.31%.

An official partner of UEFA EURO 2016, Hisense is UEFA’s first Chinese sponsor in 56 years, and through this sponsorship the world has been introduced to Hisense as China’s No.1 TV brand. Hisense TV’s market share has been No.1 in China for 13 years in a row. What’s more, Hisense TV was tops in unit share both in South Africa and Australia this year. The B2C business of Hisense covers TV, refrigerator and air conditioner, and more.

However, Hisense’s great achievements in its B2B business is not as well-known as its B2C business. Hisense’s optical communication business is already No.1 in China and its optical receiver module has been holding the top position in the world for 5 consecutive years. Hisense’s intelligent transportation system also has been China’s No.1 in terms of market share for 7 consecutive years. From 2012 to 2015, Hisense won 42% of the domestic intelligent transportation projects that were worth over 100 million RMB each. While developing its own computerized surgery assistance system and smart operation display system, Hisense’s technology in surgery guiding systems has reached a globally-advanced in just 3 years’ time. After 14 years of development, Hisense’s market share in the commercial air conditioner space is already No.2 in China, with the help of its world-leading VRF technology.

The rising of Hisense’s B2B business indicates that the company is no longer a pure CE and home appliances company, but also a high technology company.

Going forward, Hisense will use its technology to link all communities through communication products and smart home products and eventually provide services to entire cities.

Hisense’s B2B business will also seek to develop overseas markets together with Hisense’s existing global TV, fridge and air conditioner businesses.