Chinese Boost OLED Plans

The ET News in Korea summarised the latest plans of Chinese OLED makers which are being accelerated.

  • BOE is moving its phase 2 B11 line from Q4 2019 to Q3 2018 and will order for phase two of its B13 and B14 lines in Chengdu in early 2018 and early 2019, respectively. Although not yet a qualified supplier to Apple, BOE wants to become one.
  • Visionox (GVO) is building a new G6 flexible line in Nanjing.
  • CSOT is planning to order equipment for phase 2 of its T4 line in Wuhan during Q2.
  • At the same time CEC Panda will start to order equipment

Analyst Comment

We have previously heard that the plans to accelerate production may be frustrated by the limited supply of photolithography equipment, which is very limited via traditional suppliers.

At the time that this is happening, Samsung is delaying its investment in its A5 flexible fab, which had already been reduced in scale in the first phase. There are even questions about whether the investment will happen at all in the light of the cooling of demand by Apple. (BR)