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Something Off About the Whole Woe is Apple Thing

by Omid Rahmat

Apple is grappling with the prospect of a fifth consecutive quarter of declining sales, with particular concerns about iPhone sales, especially in China. But, why is that so bad?

Tags:Apple| iPhone| showcase| Vision Pro

Smart TVs Need Smarter Strategies

by Omid Rahmat

It’s the user, their experiences, their interfaces, that’s what matters when you are making a smart TV. Everyone else is glitter.

Tags:Connected TV| showcase| Smart TV

Displays and Paper Replacement Theory

by Omid Rahmat

Does the sustainability argument work as well as it should when it comes to switching from paper to digital signage?

Tags:Digital Signage

The IP Stakes Have Never Been Higher

by Omid Rahmat

Fighting patent lawsuits and doing battle in courts is just part of the price of doing business. Could it get too pricey for the display industry in 2024?

Tags:Apple Watch| LG| OLED| Patents| Samsung| showcase

Waiting Out OLED With MiniLED

by Omid Rahmat

Being a front-runner is exhausting. That’s how OLED may be feeling about right now.

Tags:advanced TV| DSCC| Hisense| LCD| MiniLED| OLED| showcase| TCL