Canatu and Kaga Electronics Sign Distribution Agreement in Japan

Canatu, a leading manufacturer of flexible transparent conductive films and touch sensors, has entered into a Distribution Agreement with Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd., a major electronics trading company in Japan. The agreement will strengthen Canatu’s position in the Japanese market as the number one enabler for flexible and formable touch displays.

In accordance with Canatu’s strategy to strengthen its reach in its primary markets, the company has been diligently forming partnerships with leading electronics companies, the latest agreement being signed between Canatu and Kaga Electronics. Kaga is a major electronics conglomerate and independent one-stop electronics trading company in Japan.

Founded in 1968 by the current CEO Isao Tsukamoto, Kaga Electronics has particularly solid procurement capabilities of electronic components as well as exceptional technical strengths across a number of industries. Kaga Electronics was keen to investigate options to deliver next-generational products to its customers and was impressed by the design freedom Canatu’s offering provides.

“This collaboration will expand Kaga’s offering by enabling us to enter into a new class of products; high performance optical films and components”, explains Makoto Aoki, Senior General Manager, Sales Promotion Division Director of Kaga Electronics. Canatu’s CEO, Risto Vuohelainen, concurs with Mr. Kado, “The partnership between Canatu and Kaga Electronics not only strengthens both our companies’ global reach but also provides our customers access to the latest and most advanced touch sensor solutions. We see huge benefits in this partnership”.

Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud® (CNB™) transparent conductive films and touch sensors offer unprecedented design freedom for a new genre of touch applications requiring flexibility or formability in a vast range of markets covering automotive, white goods, wearables and consumer electronics.

Kaga Electronics have been particularly interested in Canatu’s CNB™ Flex Film and CNB™ In-Mold Film as they are best suited for formable and flexible applications. At 23 um, the thinnest flexible transparent conductive film on the market, Canatu’s CNB™ Flex Film is optimized for flexible and foldable touch-enabled electronics devices. Designed for 3D capacitive touch displays and touch surfaces in e.g. smart watches, white goods control panels and automobile center consoles, CNB™ In-Mold Film can be easily formed into any shape using standard industrial processes such as Film Insert Molding.