Calman Adds Colour Volume and HLG Support

Spectracal, now part of Portrait Displays, has released a new version of its Calman software (Version 3) that adds new features including measurement of colour volume and HDR support of HLG format.

  • Auto Calibration for Samsung 2017 QLED televisions.
  • Auto Calibration for Panasonic 2017 EZxxx series OLED televisions.
  • New Color Volume Workflow – allows you to quickly measure the color volume of any display.
  • New Color Volume Visualizer – three-dimensional graphing engine that displays the measurements of the Color Volume Workflow. To access, follow the link in the Color Volume Workflow
  • New HLG Workflow – support for the hybrid log gamma version of high dynamic range that is rapidly gaining acceptance for live video production
  • New Dolby Vision Custom Workflow – adds support for displays that support the new Dolby Vision Configuration File. CalMAN uses a new type of Dolby Vision metadata to put the color volume mapping engine into bypass mode. CalMAN then calibrates the display and generates a new Dolby Vision configuration file that is loaded into the supported TV via USB stick.
  • New Broadcast Monitor Workflow

There is also new hardware support for laser phosphor projectors.