Calibrite’s Got Some New High Luminance Sensors

Calibrite has a few new high luminance sensor devices – Display Plus HL, Display Pro HL, and Display SL. These gadgets are primed for calibration and profiling measurements of MiniLED, OLED, and super bright displays.

Source: Calibrite

The Display Plus HL can measure luminance levels up to 10,000 nits, surpassing its predecessor by a factor of five. This capacity puts it in the pro category for filmmakers, medical practitioners, designers, and photographers. It has been designed to handle both SDR and HDR applications and is capable of handling display technologies such as Apple’s XDR.

In comparison, the second product in the line-up, the Display Pro HL, can measure a maximum luminance up to 3000 nits, effectively doubling the capacity of the current version of the Display Pro device. This device targets photographers that employ advanced photo editing displays.

The Display SL is a budget-friendly, entry-level offering tailored for SDR monitors, retaining the form factor of the HL devices. This budget option shares the reliable fade resistant filters and removable diffusion screen of its high-end counterparts.

All three devices are fitted with a USB-C connection, ensuring compatibility with current computer connections, and are supplied with USB-A type adapters for user convenience. The new devices offer projector calibration enhancements, courtesy of the included Calibrite Profiler software.