Cablevision will Offer Hulu Plus to its Customers

Cablevision announced that it will carry Hulu Plus for its Optimum customers. The agreement will be the first resell agreement Hulu is offering to any provider. According to the press release, both sides seem to be trying to reach the part of the consumers that they do not normally address with their content offering. The Hulu Plus service is offered for $7.99 per month.

Analyst Comment

This move blurs the lines of content offering to the consumer. So far pay-TV providers like Cablevision have taken networking content and sold it in package deals to the consumer. On the other hand, on-demand content providers like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube have been typically restricted to over the top solutions and PC Internet access.

Depending on the viewpoint, Pay-TV is pulling in on-demand providers to compete with over the top solutions, or on-demand providers are trying to reach pay-TV customers. Whichever it is, the TV landscape has added another solution for the consumer. – NH