Swiss Manufacturer Enters ‘Smartwatch’ Market

Swiss watch maker Breitling has taken the step to produce a ‘smartwatch’ (of sorts) called the B55 Connected. It is an analogue chronograph with a digital display, able to connect to a mobile phone through a dedicated app. It is targeted at pilots, with features such as the ability to easily time flights and backing up data for logging and sharing through the app. Pricing and availability have not been shared yet.

Analyst Comment

This looks like a more reasonable compromise between classic timekeeping and modern electronics than the Apple Watch. I’ve recently been boring friends and family with my views on the high-end ($10,000) model of the device: while the Swiss watches at these price levels will last for decades, the Apple Watch is going to need replacing in two years, at the most. If there was a way to retain the expensive gold body of the Watch while switching out the electronics, I might be more convinced, but Tim Cook didn’t mention anything of the sort at his presentation.

Of course, this is ignoring ‘the Apple factor’! (TA)