BOE Showcases 110″ 8K UHD 3D Display

The Chinese press were abuzz with something that came up on BOE’s WeChat channel: BOE showcased a 110-inch 8K UHD “naked-eye” 3D large display at the 6th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition. The 110-inch 8K 3D is supposed to deliver ultra-high color gamut 3D stereo images and has a screen depth of 1.5 meters, designed for group viewing by a large group. This was keeping in line with the exhibition’s themes of digital twins, virtual interaction, and other technologies, providing an interactive and immersive experience.

Source: BOE

At the exhibition, BOE also introduced what it calls the world’s first “300 color gamut switching technology,” which can dynamically switch between 100% DCI-P3, 100% AdobeRGB, and 100% sRGB color gamuts. The technology boasts impressive color correction capabilities, with an average delta E of less than 1 and color gamut switching accuracy of less than 1%.