Bloomberg Reveals More Details Surrounding 2018 iPhone Lineup

More information has emerged about this year’s iPhone range, via an article from Bloomberg. A source told the publication that this year’s line-up, despite featuring three new models, is what we’ve come to know as an “S year” — more of an incremental change as opposed to the more stark contrast between say the iPhone 5 and 6. They added that a more significant new release is planned for 2019.

As other sources have said previously, the 2018 iPhone range features two OLED models and one LCD — a 5.8″ OLED update in the vein of last year’s iPhone X (which Bloomberg’s source says may be called iPhone XS), a “Plus” version with a 6.5″ OLED screen and a cheaper version with a 6.1″ LCD display.

Bloomberg says that the two OLED models will be produced by Foxconn, with the company sharing production of the LCD version with Pegatron. You can find the full report here.