BenQ’s Business Projectors Are Connected

Three new DLP projectors have been released by BenQ, for business users. Connectivity is a focus, with an MHL-HDMI port and optional wireless through BenQ’s QCast dongle.

The MW727 is the flagship model, and is joined by the MW724 and MX726. All three have +/30° vertical and horizontal keystone correction, as well as corner fit.

Like BenQ’s other business/education projectors, the new models have Eco Blank, SmartEco and No Source Detected modes. These focus on saving power and directing attention to the speaker.

As well as their video ports (MHL-HDMI, HDMI, VGA (x2), composite and S-Video), the projectors also feature RJ45, RS232, USB-A and USB-B connections, as well as dual IR receivers. The RJ45 port can be used for LAN display, or control via Crestron Roomview, PJ-Link and AMX. The projectors also have a 10W speaker.

All three models can show 10-bit colour and a 50″ – 300″ (MW724: 60″ – 300″) image. Resolution is 1280 x 800 (MW727, MW724) and 1024 x 768, while brightness ranges from 4,200 lumens (MW727), to 3,700 (MW724) and 4,000 (MX726). The projectors have 11,000:1 (MW727, MX726) and 13,000:1 (MW724) contrast ratios, as well as a 1.3x zoom.

Both the MW727 and MW726 use 280W lamps, lasting 3,000 – 6,000 hours. They also share dimensions (314 x 216 x 116mm) and weight (3.3kg). BenQ has fitted the MW724 with a 240W lamp, lasting from 3,000 – 7,500 hours. It measures 327 x 233 x 137mm and weighs 3kg.

All three projectors are available now. They cost €755 (MW727), €740 (MW724) and €735 (MX726), ex VAT.