BenQ Lowers TCO With Lamp Savings

The ‘budget-friendly’ MX570 DLP projector, from BenQ, is said to save power and lower TCO through its eco features. These include SmartEco and LampSave Modes, raising lamp life; and Eco Blank, automatically dimming the image if a source is not connected.

Crestron and PJ Link network protocols are supported, so that the projector can be controlled through a LAN connection.

Resolution is 1024 x 768. The MX570’s 190W lamp will last between 4,500 and 10,000 hours and provides 3,200 lumens of brightness. The unit has a 13,000:1 contrast ratio and can show 10-bit colour.

Images can be sized between 60″ and 300″, with a 1.51 – 1.97:1 throw ratio, 1.3x zoom and +/-40° vertical keystone correction. HDMI, VGA (x2), composite, S-Video, mini-USB-B, RJ45 and RS232 ports, as well as an IR receiver and 10W speaker, are built in.

The MX570 measures 283 x 222 x 95mm and weighs 1.9kg. It is available in the USA and Europe now, for $530.