BC10 Nanolumens Shows LED Applications

Karen Robinson of Nanolumens started by talking about the movie, “Minority Report”, which showed a world where displays and interactivity have become seamless and that’s a world we’re moving to. She pointed out that youngsters use phones for a small amount of text and lots and lots of video.

For outdoor advertisers, there is a desire to move to video for communication, rather than posters. Digital signage is moving out of just the big cities and into all cities. Even small malls need good signage and even small businesses such as restaurants have digital signage. She believes that the installed base of digital signage displays in the US will be around 9.6 million by 2019.

PDs in theUS

Robinson then showed the wide range of different displays that Nanolumens supplies – not just rectangular flat displays. Art Information and architecture can be combined using this LED technology.