BBC Abandons MHEG

Interactivity is currently enabled through the BBC Red Button serviceThe BBC has announced that it will move away from its current MHEG standard and begin to use HbbTV – the hybrid broadcast standard used in mainland Europe. The BBC has said that it will work with bodies such as the DTG and Digital UK on a new plan, which will lead to industry-wide adoption of HbbTV 2.0.1, in time for equipment makers to build HbbTV into 2018 product cycles. A joint plan will be developed by September this year and shared publicly soon after.

Analyst Comment

The use of MHEG was a key advantage for the UK in developing interactive digital TV, when most of the other countries in Europe that tried to develop interactive services based on MHL. It turned out to be a better solution, but the DTG has been trying to move to merge MHEG and HbbTV and it looks as though that will be achieved. (BR)