Barco Unifies Radiology Workflows

Barco has designed its new Coronis medical display specifically for both PACS and breat imaging. The Coronis Uniti (MDMC-12133) is apparently the first diagnostic display to be developed with these features in mind, to unify radiologists’ workflows.

A recent study by The MarkeTech Group showed that radiologists believe higher image quality, a more efficient workflow and increased comfort are necessary to increase reading performance. Barco says that it has met these desires. The Uniti has calibrated colour and (DICOM) greyscale imaging; can show 2D and 3D; and, as mentioned above, can display two types of radiology image.

To make prolonged use easier on the eyes, the monitor uses optically-bonded glass to reduce reflections. It is also able to tilt (-5 deg to 30 deg ), swivel (23 deg left and right) and is height adjustable to 95mm. A touchpad is included to ease control. There is an ambient light sensor in the front bezel, which also houses Barco’s I-Guard photometer. The I-Guard is capable of measuring the Just Noticeable Difference values defined by DICOM Part 14.

Screen noise is compensated for with Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU), a proprietary Barco technology. PPU measures and adjusts luminance output at the pixel level; Barco claims that this makes each individual pixel DICOM-compliant. The display can also be used as a virtual light box and has an ‘I-Luminate’ button to boost brightness.

Two lights are integrated in the monitor’s frame: SoftGlow wall light, which provides undirected lighting, and the SoftGlow task light, which shines a spotlight onto documents. Barco’s MediCal QAWeb software is bundled with the Uniti. The monitor features a 30-bit lookup table and can switch between Clear Base and Blue Base viewing modes as needed.

Barco’s Coronis Uniti is a 33″ LCD display with an IPS panel. It has 12MP resolution (4200 x 2800, 3:2), 178 deg viewing angles, a 1,200:1 contrast ratio and sub-33ms response time. Calibrated brightness is 1,000 cd/m