Barco: A New Medical Colour Standard is Needed

Barco has conducted research showing that a new colour calibration standard is required for medical displays. The company will share its results at RSNA 2014, on the 1st December.

Colour has seen an increasing use in medical displays in recent years. However, says Barco, an official standard of how these images are visualised (like DICOM Greyscale, aka GSDF) is lacking. Colour medical displays are currently calibrated to DICOM GSDF, or consumer displays are used that are calibrated to sRGB.

Tom Kimpe, Barco Healthcare’s VP of technology and innovation, tested to see if the above calibrations were suitable for medical use. His work shows that ‘significant colour instabilities’ remained with both DICOM GSDF and sRGB. Visual differences between calibration targets were found to be “large and easily perceivable…with colour behaviour between the same type of display systems varying by double-digit percentages”.

Kimpe will speak about the proposed DICOM Colour Standard Display Function (CSDF) during his talk, ‘Are Medical Displays Calibrated to GSDF or sRGB Sufficient for High Quality Visualisation of Color Medical Images?’, in Room S402AB, SSE13-04, starting at 15:30.