Bar-Type Displays Stir Ideas and Sales

Omdia recently released findings from its Industrial and Public Display & OEM Intelligence Service on the surge in the popularity of bar-type displays. According to its report, shipments of these specialized screens are anticipated to reach 359.5 thousand units in 2023, marking a significant 62% YoY growth. The projections for the subsequent years, 2024 and 2025, are even more promising, with anticipated growth rates of 153% and 47%, respectively.

Bar-type display shipment and forecast, thousands of units, 2020–25. (Source: Omdia)

The surge in demand is primarily driven by the unique aspect ratio these displays offer, making them a perfect fit for spaces with constraints. Omdia notes that these displays, which can range anywhere between 19-inch to 58.6-inch, are being increasingly used across various sectors including restaurants, public transportation, supermarkets, gaming products, and railways.

Tzu-Yu Huang, a principal analyst at Omdia, opined that the incorporation of bar-type displays in traditional TVs, especially for advertising, presents an opportunity to significantly enhance display value. From a panel manufacturer’s perspective, new photomask developments, along with the use of TV-sized native photomasks, can potentially lead to better product reliability, cost savings on non-recurring engineering expenses, and more competitive pricing. This is especially true if a single TV-sized panel can churn out more than two bar-type displays simultaneously.