Avegant Ships Light Field Display Development Kits for Augmented and Mixed Reality

Avegant Corp. (“Avegant”) announced the availability of its Light Field Display Development Kit for augmented and mixed reality, enabling companies to build products powered by Avegant’s cutting-edge display technology.

Featuring multiple focal planes, Avegant’s Light Field Display Development Kit solves one of mixed reality’s greatest challenges: Enabling virtual objects to appear real at distances both near and far.

The Light Field Display Development Kit is shipping now and features hardware, software and support services that enable businesses to create industry-leading mixed reality products. For end-users, Light Field Technology simplifies existing workflows and adds immediate value across a range of professional verticals including design, engineering, communication, education, and medicine.

Until now, even the world’s best virtual, augmented and mixed reality systems have been constrained by their fixed-focus displays, rendering virtual objects beyond arm’s reach and severely limiting interactivity. By making its acclaimed Light Field displays available to other companies, Avegant is enabling the rapid development of systems that support the kinds of mixed reality experiences people demand: Holding virtual objects in their hands, touching virtual buttons, and getting up close with crystal clear virtual objects.

“Since announcing our first Light Field displays earlier this year, Avegant has been flooded with requests from companies that can’t wait to get their hands on this new technology,” said Eric Trabold, Chief Business Officer at Avegant. “Demand took off like a rocket, so we’re launching a development kit designed specifically to meet that demand.”

“By solving the display problem, Avegant enables companies to dramatically accelerate the development of their own mixed reality products,” said Trabold. “This technology is absolutely required for the kinds of mixed reality experiences we all want.”

A pilot program with several hardware and software developers is already in place, with kits being used to create mixed reality experiences across a range of applications. Designed for easy integration with third-party tracking solutions, the kit includes software and sample code for well-known development platforms like Unity, so developers can get started quickly.

For pricing and availability, those interested in purchasing a Light Field Display Development Kit can email [email protected] for more information.

About Avegant Light Field Display Development Kits

  • Virtual Image Clarity: Enables sharp, brilliant virtual objects both near and far for use in consumer, industrial, and commercial mixed reality applications.
  • Simple Software Development: Use familiar tools, including Unity, to easily create virtual images and bring them to life in mixed reality.
  • Easy Hardware Integration: Designed for use across major hardware platforms for quick product integration and time to market.

About Avegant

Avegant is a technology company re-imagining screens. The company uses its deep scientific understanding of human sight and head-mounted display ergonomics to reinvent the displays used in everyday life. Avegant’s Light Field Technology enables virtual objects to seamlessly blend with the real world, enabling the kinds of mixed reality experiences we all want. For more information visit or follow Avegant on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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