Auto Company’s Virtual Reality Center Upgraded With Christie 4K Projectors

One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers chose Christie’s 4K 3D high frame rate (HFR) projection technology to modernize its 240-square-foot HD glass powerwall at the company’s Vehicle Engineering Center.

The upgrade comprises two blended Christie Mirage 4K25 3DLP 4K 3D projectors with Christie Twist and Christie AutoCal for automated blending and alignment for high performing projection at true 120Hz, as well as two Christie Spyder X20 video processors. View powerwall video at automotive company on Christie’s website.

Dave Muscat, senior director, Americas Region, Visualization, Simulation and Control Room Solutions, at Christie, said, “We were honored to host the automobile company’s executives at our Kitchener, Canada manufacturing facility in 2013 for a preview of the first Christie Mirage 4K DLP projector prototype, the only 3D projector in the world capable of displaying native 4K resolution at true 120Hz.”

Higher brightness with low cost of ownership and onsite support
Christie’s two Mirage 4K25 3DLP projectors replaced nine outdated, non-Christie projectors for the powerwall, increasing the resolution from 8.4 megapixels to 12.4. This 4K resolution projector features up to 25,000 center lumens running at a high frame rate of 120Hz. Built on the Christie TruLife electronics platform and using Xenon -based illumination, it delivers superior brightness, smoother video, and vibrant, life-like images. Christie Twist for full image warping and blending ensures arrayed projectors are blended to display a single, uniform image without external devices, while Christie AutoCal software automates Twist and keeps the multi-projector display aligned and calibrated. Christie onsite tech support provides the company with daily systems monitoring, log system management and staff training.

Two installed Christie Spyder X20 video processors, with matrix switching capabilities, provide 20 megapixels of bandwidth for mixing, blending and windowing source formats. The processors’ integrated source monitoring enables simultaneous, real-time, full frame rate monitoring of all inputs. Included in the installation are eight HP computers, with 16 powerful pro graphics NVIDIA Quadro K6000 and Dassault Systèmes 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN software for real-time 3D visualization.

CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) immersive visualization powered by Christie Mirage Series projectors
The four-sided, room-sized CAVE solution provides an environment where users share true-to-life experiences. In the case of this company, engineers, while wearing 3D stereoscopic glasses, enter the CAVE and become completely immersed in the computer-generated graphics of the exterior and interior of a vehicle. Engineers will then evaluate “view and obscuration” studies including the mirrors, placement of controls, overall layout and accessibility, styling, and design quality, such as gaps, fits and finishes. With six Christie Mirage HD6K-M 3DLP projectors, each with 6000 ANSI lumens, and one Christie Mirage WU14K-M, with 12, 500 ANSI lumens, the total resolution increased from 6.7 megapixels to 12.5 megapixels compared to the former installation. With an Advanced Real Time (ART), virtual reality motion tracking system, the user can perform certain tasks using real world movements and actions.

Christie’s standard off-the-shelf and customized 3D/visualization display solutions produce life-like images of any size or resolution on a variety of surfaces to meet the design goals of the automotive industry as well as the aerospace, energy, education and training, government, museums and entertainment and science research markets. Christie’s comprehensive Professional Services can help design, integrate and install 3D/visualization solutions, as well as provide consulting services, training, and onsite and telephone support.