AUO Result 27/07/2017


AUO announced results for FY17 Q2 with consolidated revenues of NT$84.4 billion ($2.8 billion) and net profit of NT$9.8 billion ($324.0 million), resulting in a net profit margin of 12%. The revenue was down by 4.7% on yearly basis. For the first half of 2017, the consolidated revenues totaled NT$172.9 billion ($5.7 billion) and net profit was NT$19.3 billion ($635 million). The revenues decreased marginally in quarterly basis due to the New Taiwan dollar’s appreciation against the US dollar.

The FY17 Q2 result also indicated gross margin at 20.3%, with an operating margin of 13.8%. Operating margin of the display segment was 8%.

In FY17 Q2, large-sized panel shipments totaled 26.8 million units, down by 1.4% on quarterly basis. Shipments of small- to medium-sized panels in the same quarter were around 38.6 million units, up by 6.1% on a quarterly basis. Overall, the company maintained its operational results at high levels although the second quarter is not traditionally a high season.