AUO Claims 9M Curved TVs Sold in 2016

Digitimes of Taiwan has reported AUO as saying that it believes that 8.6 million curved TVs were sold in 2016, up 125% on 2015. As much as 5% of the Chinese market is choosing curved TVs, said the site, quoting Sigmaintell Consulting and a forecast of 5.8 million sets to China in 2017, representing 10%. The global total is forecast to reach 14 million sets. The report identifies Gen (Suzhou) Electronics and HKC are the main ODM suppliers of curved sets.

Analyst Comment

Samsung still had new curved TVs at CES (as we will report), but seems to have cut back on the promotion of curved sets. HKC was at the show and had a number of curved TVs and monitors on its booth (BR)

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