Asus Chromebit Turns HDMI Display into a Chromebook

Google announced this week that Asus has developed the Chromebit – an HDMI stick that turns any HDMI monitor into a Chromebook, when paired with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

The stick, which costs "less than" $100, includes Wi-fi and a USB port as well as bluetooth and is based on a Rockchip 3288 processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. The end of the device can swivel round so that it doesn't protrude when the HDMI is on the edge of the monitor.

chromebit again

Analyst Comment

This kind of device is another good reason to sell monitors with MHL and HDMI in the developing world. I've been especially interested in this kind of technology since seeing the Marvell demonstrations of "Android on a dongle" prototypes at CES in 2014 (BR)