Artificial Result Boosts Leads to Small Panel Price Fall in July

IHS has released its pricing data for small- and medium-sized panels in July and early August.

Smartphone market demand failed to rebound quickly in July. Brands remained cautious about panel procurement. Some panel makers shipped panels above demand in June in order to raise their half-year finance results; this pushed channel inventories to high levels, and led to a fast fall in ASPs in July.

Weak tablet demand continued in August. iPad shipments have run into some challenges. However, in Q3, shipments for the Microsoft Surface are expected to rise, and panels for Apple’s next iPad Mini will begin to be shipped. Panel supply is still weak, so prices are expected to fall slightly in August.

Spot deals on notebook panels appeared in the market at the end of July. The exceptions were customised models. Some second-tier panel makers lowered prices by more than $1, to attract customers. Their are trying to achieve more orders at limited volumes.

In August, mobile PC brands strategically raised their demand for popular 14″ and 15.6″ panels, while asking for further price concessions. Competition is rising between tier-one and tier-two brands. Price pressure on mainstream panels remains heavy.