Arçelik A.Ş. Added into Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Placing sustainability at the center of its business operations, global home appliances company Arçelik A.?. has blazed yet another trail to leave a better world to the next generation. Arçelik A.?., mother company of Beko and Grundig, became the first-ever manufacturing company to join the DJSI Emerging Markets from Turkey.

Commenting on the listing, Hakan Bulgurlu, Arçelik A.?. CEO said: “We a take great pride in reaping the fruit of our sustainability efforts by being listed in the industry-leading DJSI Emerging Markets. We are not only the first and only from Turkish manufacturing industry but also among the top 5 companies which have been initially listed in the emerging markets category. This move represents a very important development for our company and stakeholders. At the end of 2016 Arçelik A.?. was included in the FTSE4Good international stock market index which recognizes the world’s top performing companies in terms of their sustainable development policy including environmental commitments, social practices and governance. DJSI and achievements as such will create invaluable added value to our reputation among capital markets and leverage investor appetite”

Adding on his comments about company’s sustainability performance, Bulgurlu continued: “International investors pay delicate attention to sustainability cards of the companies. Companies which are truly committed to green technology, circular economy and resource efficiency will be the leaders of transformation in households. With that vision we are looking for more opportunities to invest, innovate and co-operate.”

DJSI Emerging Markets is one of the world’s most prestigious platforms that rank corporations based on their global sustainability performance. The DJSI Emerging Markets aims to represent the top 10 percent of the largest 800 companies in 23 emerging markets based on long-term economic, environmental and social criteria. The DJSI Emerging Markets monitors companies based on criteria such as management, finance operations, ethical issues, value chain environmental and social performance, risk management, climate change mitigation efforts, transparency, supply chain, and human and employee rights. The DJSI Emerging Markets is an important indicator that international investors take into account.

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