Apple to Support External GPU & VR

As part of its announcements at the WWDC 2017, Apple said it would support a development kit that is an external GPU enclosure, with an AMD Radeon RX 580 that can connect to PCs that have the Thunderbolt 3 interface. The systems also have to run the High Sierra macOS.

The company also confirmed that the new 27″ iMac and iMac Pro machines will be able to run VR ‘out of the box’ and will be supported by a new platform, “Metal for VR”.

external gpu dev kit apple

Analyst Comment

The idea of external GPUs running with support from Thunderbolt 3 is gathering some momentum, but slowly. When I upgrade my PC, it will be an approach I would like to try out, although I haven’t been a keen PC gamer for many years. Access to a GPU should help my rendering time for videos, although I’ve been too busy for that, recently! (BR)