Apple to Launch Foldable OLED Smartphone in 2020?


Apple may be working towards a 2020 launch for its own foldable OLED smartphone, according to Wamsi Moham, an analyst with Merrill Lynch, who met with the company’s suppliers in Asia recently. Moham reports that the device would be smartphone-sized while folded, unfolding into a size closer to a tablet.

Samsung has been working on its own foldable smartphone device for launch in 2018. (Samsung Foldable Still On for 2018?)

Analyst Comment

It would be, frankly, surprising if Apple was not testing out every possible direction for premium mobile devices! As I have been saying for some years, the ‘trifold tablet’ concept that folds into a smartphone is a very attractive on to me and could really liven up the market, if you can make it robust enough. (BR)