Apple Supply Delay Not Because of OLED Supply

iphonex front homescreen

There have been lots of rumours recently about Apple and its smartphone plans and shipments. Apple is said to be in some trouble and while many commentators are suggesting that the problem is in supply of the displays, the OLED Association has said, without any doubt on its part, that the problem is that Apple is struggling to assemble the displays and facial recognition systems with enough speed. The OLEDA said that Apple has ordered its own equipment to perform this process.

Analyst Comment

Separately, there has been much discussion about what Apple is doing next year with various reports suggesting that the company will use 4.7″, 5.3″, 5.8″, 6″ and 6.46″ displays. That seems like an unfeasibly wide range of products, to us. One of the great strengths of Apple is its ability to drastically limit its range of products. It seems very good at working out where the ‘sweet spots’ are.