Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X with Support for 360º Video

On the heels of the iMac Pro announcement, Apple is releasing an update to its Final Cut Pro X software. The new release offers additional options for this very popular software package. The new release will add support for full resolution 8K video as well as advanced color grading tools and high dynamic range (HDR) video. On top of this, the new software is extending its support for 360º video to the companion apps Motion and Compressor. This allows users to create content for VR headsets on this video platform.

Apple Final Cut Pro X Supports 360 Video for VR Headsets

Apple stressee the point that the new iMac Pro is the “perfect platform” for running Final Cut Pro. It even allows the editing of 360º video and view the project in real time via a connected HTC Vive headset with SteamVR.

Analyst Comment

In case you didn’t know what to do with an “all in one supercomputer”, now you know. NH