Android TV Shipments will “Increase Five-Fold by 2021”


when clouds burst instatGreg Potter.Android TV device shipments will grow five-fold by the year 2021, according to Greg Potter at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“Google could gain increased clout in the pay TV market as interest from operators in Android TV picks up and creates a resulting surge in shipments of Android TV set-top boxes, or STBs. Operators launched many Android TV STB trial deployments in 2016 and 2017 and many OEMs are beginning to offer devices with the operating system.”

According to the data, shipments of devices, including set-top-boxes and Smart TVs, are predicted to grow 7.6 million in 2016 to 40.1 million in 2021, as smaller manufacturers begin to adopt the operating system in their products.

Android TV Shipments Chart

During the same time period, Android TV shipments will grow from 5.5 million to 27 million, while STBs will jump up from 1.2 million to almost 12 million. Potter also estimates that 13.1% of all Smart TVs will run Android TV OS by 2021.

“Some notable movement in the STB market was seen this year. Both Dish and DirecTV, major satellite providers in the U.S., announced Android TV boxes in 2017, Bouygues Telecom announced a new 4K Android TV box to be released in 2018 to supplement the one it released in 2015 and NTT DoCoMo announced an Android TV-powered box for its IPTV service to be released in 2018. Initially, most Android TV deployments were by smaller IPTV (and some cable) companies in Europe and parts of Asia. This seems to be changing though, as operators in North America begin to look at Android TV as a legitimate competitor to Comcast’s RDK”.

Potter also expects that revenue will increase from $97 million recorded in 2016 to a projected $730 million in 2021.