Analysts Cast Doubts on All-OLED iPhone Line-up in 2019

Earlier this week, a report from Korea’s ET Times indicated that a source from Apple had revealed that the company’s 2019 iPhone line-up will feature another three models, all with OLED panels, as opposed to the two-OLED, one-LCD range planned for 2018. (More Confirmation of iPhone Plans)

Shortly after the report was published, share prices at several OLED manufacturers dropped, including Japan Display, Samsung, Sharp and Universal Display.

However, a follow-up report from Bloomberg has quoted three analysts who are all sceptical about the practicality of an all-OLED iPhone line-up next year. JP Morgan’s Jay Kwon reportedly said that an LCD model is a firm factor of Apple’s strategy this year and that he would be surprised if that were to change so soon.

Additionally, Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting’s Jeff Pu has raised doubts that Apple would be able to source enough OLED display panels to produce three different models, while analysts from Goldman Sachs have gone on the record to say that the guidance they’ve received from various manufacturers indicates that Apple will continue to use LCD technology in 2019.

Finally, IHS Markit’s Jerry Kang said that a move to a 100% OLED iPhone range is inevitable but questioned the likelihood of it happening as soon as 2019.

Analyst Comment

None of the analysts at the Business Conference at SID Display Week that addresed the issue, believes that Apple would use all OLEDs. They all expected two OLEDs and an LCD. I agree with IHS, that, probably, eventually the firm will be all-in on OLED, but not until there is a more established and distributed supply chain. (BR)