Amazon Echo Look Introduced

Amazon in the US has released a new addition to its Echo range, called the Amazon Echo Look, which is a new Alexa-controlled selfie camera which will actually act as a style assistant. The camera can take video and can webcast the results. At the heart of Echo Look is an algorithm that will compare photos of different outfits and give an opinion of which looks better. The Echo Look joins the original Echo, Echo Dot and portable Echo Tap. The Look is priced at $199 in the US.

Amazon Echo Look

Analyst Comment

It’s hard to imagine that an algorithm can get fashion choice right! So much of fashion depends on cultural context and the personality of the wearer, that it’s hard to imagine it doing a good job. I tried ‘Alexa, does my bum look big in this?’ on my Echo, but didn’t get any response, not even an ‘I don’t have a camera!’. At least it understands that there is never a correct answer to that question! (BR)