All’s Well That Ends Well in NanoLumens Legal Dispute

A recent legal dispute between NanoLumens, Infiled USA and DetaiLED Solutions has been settled amicably. (Nanolumens Goes into Battle Over Patents)

NanoLumens filed the complaint back in June, accusing the two companies, as well as a third, Gable Company, of US patent infringement.

Infiled and DetaiLED have apparently been able to prove to NanoLumens’ satisfaction that they have not sold, and agree that they won’t “make, use, sell, offer for sale or import” any flexible LED display modules that infringe on the company’s US patents.

The report goes on to say that the three companies are open to exploring mutually beneficial business opportunities in the future. Gable Company wasn’t mentioned in the announcement—whether or not NanoLumens is still engaged in any legal issues with Gable was unclear at press time.