albis-elcon announces open STB integration business model

ZURICH — albis-elcon announced today the launch of SceneFlex, a new set-top box (STB) integration approach that features a completely open business model. With SceneFlex, operators have the flexibility to select specific hardware, architecture, and operating systems as well as respective supply chain and logistics schemes.

By allowing service providers to implement a STB system that is comprised of best-of-breed components, SceneFlex speeds up the roll out of new IP-based TV services while enabling them to achieve their goals on time, lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Today’s service providers do not want to be boxed in by the limitations of certain STB systems. While albis-elcon believes the existing business model of selling pre-integrated STBs is still valid, it’s not always the best solution. That’s why we have created a new approach that focuses on putting the customer and the solution at the center,” said Werner Neubauer, CEO of albis-elcon. “SceneFlex not only represents a new set-top box business model, it is also a completely unique and open approach of doing business that accelerates the deployment of IP-based TV services. By meeting the needs of each and every customer, albis-elcon makes it easy to address the specific demands of subscribers as well as ongoing market changes.”

SceneFlex is a fully implementation-based STB business model that can be tailored according to a service provider’s exact requirements. A variety of business models are supported, including turnkey hosted solutions, greenfield solutions, and integration projects. The total SceneFlex approach consists of: integration services to ensure a seamless fusion of interfaces or components into selected hardware; software modules to enhance the service providers’ offering; OEM products chosen by the service provider; and comprehensive analysis and technical support for operational issues once the service has been launched.

While traditional STB approaches limit customers in achieving their goals, whether technological, price-related, or otherwise, SceneFlex offers the freedom of choice and flexibility to meet the ever changing demands in the market, offering support for both Android-based 4K solutions as well as low-end, Linux-based systems. A transparent pricing model ensures that service providers only pay for the features and capabilities they need, keeping costs low. Upon request, hardware and software costs can be split with software offered on a per device or “golden offer” basis, enabling unlimited network scalability and reduced equipment costs per subscriber over the long term.