AirCast Mobile and NetRange Team Up to Bring Personal Content to Smart TVs

Users can now watch videos and photos from their smartphones, tablets or PCs and send them to selected Smart TVs of family and friends in a one-stop solution

NetRange, the global leader in white label Smart TV portal solutions, and AirCast Mobile, a foremost innovative provider of mobile messaging, announced today they have finalized a cooperation to make AirCast Mobile’s services available on Smart TV portals operated by NetRange.

With AirCast, users can now easily share their personal videos and photos from their smartphones, tablets or PCs. Not only that AirCastLive allows users to watch their personal content on their own Smart TV. At the same time, by using the “AirCast It” function, they can additionally send their personal content to other Smart TVs connected to their account such as friends or families Smart TVs.

AirCast is available on Vizio, Roku and NetRange.

Jan Wendt, CEO of NetRange: “AirCast is a fantastic service. I am a daily user myself. For the first time on Smart TVs, AirCast allows me to take pictures and videos with my Smartphone and share them with my family. They can watch these photos and videos almost in realtime on their home TV. My parents love to watch the daily grandparents show, we provide them with. Having AirCast in our portfolio is a significant enhancement of our product. It will bring a lot of fun to our customers.”