Acer’s ‘EZ’ Apps Bring Tablets to New Users

Acer has refreshed its Iconia Tab 10 tablet, with a new processor and Precision Plus touch technology. It appears to be aimed at new tablet users, as it includes a suite of proprietary software.

This year’s Iconia Tab 10 is, like previous models, a 10.1″ slate, but differs in several respects. The first is Acer’s EZ Utilities app; this can be used to enlarge the UI and font beyond the standard sizes offered by Android 6.0. EZ Snap enables a new three-finger gesture to take screenshots.

Other user-friendly features include the MediaMaster key – a physical button, said to optimise video and audio settings for the content that is being watched – and the micro-HDMI output to enable quick connection to a large display. Wireless content transfer over WiFi is also supported.

The display is enhanced by Mediatek’s Miravision engine. As well as adapting to ambient light, this enables higher levels of colour saturation and contrast. It is used with Mediatek’s 64-bit quad-core MT8163A processor. An anti-fingerprint coating is fitted.

Precision Plus technology uses 3.5mm touch sensors, which are packed in at a higher density than would be possible with conventional 5.5mm sensors. Acer says that this means that the screen is up to 2.5 times more sensitive, and it can be operated using styli, or even regular pencils.

Acer’s Iconia Tab 10 (2016) has an IPS panel, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It will be available in June, for £145 ($205) ex VAT.