Acer Combats Colour Decay

Acer’s new P-Series consists of four DLP projectors, three of which will go on sale in the UK. Designed for board rooms, the range can reach a 144Hz refresh rate when showing 24fps content.

Each model (P6200, P6200S, P6500 and P6600) has an ambient light sensor and six-segment colour wheel. They also use Acer’s ColourSafe II technology, which is designed to reduce or eliminate “colour decay” using dynamic RGB gain control to rebalance colours and offset any effects from component aging.

Installation flexibility is provided through a 1.6x optical zoom (1.4x on P6200S) and 2x digital zoom, as well as +/-30° vertical and horizontal keystone correction. Each model has two 10W speakers built in.

All four projectors can show up to four sources at the same time, through HDMI (x3), composite, component, S-Video and VGA ports. They also feature mini USB-B and RJ45 ports, and a VGA output. The P6600 supports HDBaseT.

The P6200/P6200S use a 310W lamp, while the P6500/P6600 use a 365W lamp. Both will last 3,000 – 4,500 hours and provide the projector with 5,000 lumens of brightness. Each projector weighs 4.5kg.

The P6200 will not be available in the UK, but Acer has provided prices for the other models. They will cost £800 ($1,135) (P6200S), £1,200 ($1,700) (P6500) and £1,400 ($1,985) (P6600), ex VAT.

Acer P-Series
Model Resolution Image Size (“) Projection Distance (m) Throw Ratio
P6200 1024 x 768 17-300 1 – 11.4 1.86-2.95:1
P6200S 1024 x 768 26-300 1 – 8.6 1.4-1.91:1
P6500 1920 x 1080 20-300 1 – 9.4 1.41-2.24:1
P6600 1920 x 1200 21-300 1 – 9.1 1.41-2.24:1
Source: Acer