Access TV Browser Selected for Panasonic UHD CATV STBs in Japan

The latest version of the Access NetFront Browser BE v2 DTV Profile has been selected by Panasonic System Solutions Japan for its CATV digital set-top box models that will support the new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting services starting in December 2018. The browser will be used in the TZ-LT1000BW, a new basic model to be launched in November 2018, and the TZ-HT3000BW, a new model with a built-in 2TB HDD to be launched in January 2019.

Panasonic’s CATV TZ-LT1000BW set-top box.

Panasonic’s new CATV STBs inherit all the basic functions of previous models and support the pass-through reception system for new UHD satellite broadcasts. This enables cable TV frequency bands to be used efficiently and supports the increasing number of UHD cable channels. They also feature the NetFront browser, which provides multimedia datacasting, subtitling and closed captioning functions for the latest UHD satellite broadcasting services.

This is the second time that Access’ browser has been selected for Panasonic’s UHD devices, following its integration into the company’s Diga Blu-ray disc recorder with built-in UHD tuner for the Japanese market. Panasonic made the choice based on its evaluation of Access’ datacasting browser market experience and knowledge.