A New Multi-Panel Holographic Display Partnership Between ARHT Media and Newtonlab Space

ARHT Media has entered into an exclusive global distribution agreement with Newtonlab Space, a holographic laboratory based in Spain, for the Show Window Max holographic display. The Show Window Max, designed by Newtonlab Space, offers a 3-wide holographic display measuring 330 cm in width and 220 cm in height. It features narrow bevels between panels, measuring just 2.4 cm, making it the narrowest in the world. The display is enhanced by ARHT Engine streaming and CMS technology, allowing for custom applications with up to eight panels measuring nearly 9 meters in width.

The Show Window Max has 4 modules by default but is configurable from 3 to 8. It has 86″ transparent LCD screens with 4K (3840 x 2160) x4 resolution at 30 FPS, USB and HDMI inputs, public facing camera with speakers, and content management software. (Source: Newtonlab Space)

The Show Window Max is well-suited for various settings such as retail, entertainment, museums, trade shows, experience centers, and airports. The partnership with ARHT Media, with its reach and focus on retail hologram technology, will facilitate the global distribution of this holographic display. Newtonlab Space, specializing in holography techniques and content creation, will focus on developing patented multi-panel holographic devices.