A First Look at Hyundai’s Automotive Rollable Display

Source: Hyundai

We covered the initial hints of Hyundai’s rollable display for automotive a few days ago. Now, we get to see it. The display features a QHD resolution and four driving modes, including a full-screen mode with a 16:9 aspect ratio for watching videos while the vehicle is parked or charging an EV. The rollable display only requires a depth of 12 cm (approx. 4.7 inches) to be installed near the driver’s seat, thanks to its lightweight structure. It can be unfurled up to over 30 inches. Hyundai Mobis plans to introduce the rollable display to the global automotive market, with North American and European luxury brands as their primary target audiences.

The rollable display will replace the existing navigation system and can be installed on the ceiling between the front and back seats in purpose-built vehicles. The company has been developing the technology for the past two years, focusing on the internalized infotainment capability, including the instrument panel (cluster), 360° surround view monitor (SVM) system, and head-up display (HUD).

In the rapidly growing in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) market, where display technology for in-car entertainment is rising as the new growth driver, the rollable display is expected to widen the technology gap with the competition. The existing LCDs are being quickly replaced by super-sized plastic OLEDs of 20 inches or more, making the rollable display’s development an impressive milestone achievement.