World’s First Zero Pixel Display Developed Using Neurotechnology

Elon Musk doesn’t like pixels. That’s why he is setting up a company to challenge the status quo in the display industry.

Lark Optics Pokes Light Into Your Eyes Enabling You to See Things That Aren’t There

Lark Optics is a Cambridge-based startup that has developed a way to address the issue of AR sickness. The company has …


New Cross-Linkable Polymer Developed for High-Performance OLEDs

This new material could have significant implications for the development of high-performance, solution-processed OLEDs, particularly for use in flexible and wearable …


The Dawn of Augmented Reality HUDs: BMW Changes the Game with Panoramic Vision

The world of head-up displays (HUDs) is moving into uncharted territory with the advent of augmented reality (AR) displays. These innovative …


LCD vs ePaper: New Study Reveals LCDs Could Have Adverse Impact on Cellular Health

Actually, the announcement by E Ink says, Harvard study shows E Ink’s ePaper is Up to three times healthier for your …


Researchers Improve Efficiency of Flexible OLED Encapsulation With Alumina

Susceptibility to water and oxygen is still one of the biggest hurdles to overcome to achieve the long-term reliable operation of …


Roku and Google Updated Their TV Apps

In effect, Roku has upgraded its OS because the app is the OS. Google TV received an update a few weeks …


Rising Smartwatch Popularity Unlocking Growth Opportunities in the Asia/Pacific Market

The Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) wearables market experienced a modest 1.8% growth in 2022, reaching 259.1 million units, recording its lowest annual …


Retro Gaming Handheld Goes OLED

When it comes to OLED displays in gaming, I was interested to find that the Anbernic RG405M handheld gaming device is …


When it Comes to Smartphone Displays, Go Big or Go Average

The premium segment, with a wholesale price of ≥$600, contributed to 55% of the total global smartphone market revenue for the first time, capturing over one-fifth of total global smartphone sales.


Samsung Test Runs Making MacBook Air OLED Panels

This is not necessarily an indication of actual production plans, but Samsung Display is reportedly developing OLED panels for the 13.3-inch …


Guardrails for CHIPS Act Funding Put China Together With Russia, Iran, and North Korea

The proposed guardrails are intended to ensure that technology and innovation funded by the CHIPS and Science Act are not used …


Display IP Licensing and the Automotive Supply Chain

The increasing digitalization of automobiles due to the rise of EVs and autonomous driving has created opportunities for component manufacturers to …


E Ink Partners with Indian Tech OEM SuperUs to Boost Localization and Presence in India

E Ink and SuperUs Systems have partnered to drive localization in India for ePaper devices to expand applications and explore new ways to …

Press Releases

Foldable Phone Frenzy: Global Shipments Skyrocket to 48.1 Million Units, Hitting $42 Billion Market Value by 2027

International Data Corporation (IDC) expects worldwide shipments of foldable phones, including flip and fold form factors, to reach 21.4 million units …


TCL Flaunts MiniLED Mastery: The Secret Behind the Brand’s Soaring TV Market Success

TCL has inched its way to the second-place spot for TV market share in terms of shipment volume, boasting about its …


University Launches UK’s Largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Center for Ethical Tech Pioneers

City, University of London has teamed up with ARuVR, an Extended Reality (XR) training platform, to provide its technology and expertise …


Swiss Start-Up Ostloong Innovations Launches Lyra, Smart AR Glasses with AR and AI

Swiss start-up Ostloong Innovations has launched Lyra, a pair of smart AR glasses that use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to …


Samsung Unveils New Interactive Display and Software Solution for Education

The Samsung Interactive Display, which runs on Android OS, is customizable and offers multiple screen sharing options across device ecosystems and …