World’s First Zero Pixel Display Developed Using Neurotechnology

Elon Musk doesn’t like pixels. That’s why he is setting up a company to challenge the status quo in the display industry.

UCSD and Meta AI Work Up Video Frame Interpolation for VR and AR Headsets

Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Meta AI have developed a new video frame interpolation method …


Researchers Develop Means for On Chip Fabrication of Large Scale Perovskite Single Crystal Arrays

Metal halide perovskites have several optoelectronic properties that make them attractive for use in a wide variety of device applications.  The …


IPS Black 2 proc

The Secret of IPS Black is Out

In the early days of LCDs, the viewing angle performance was terrible.


Eye Lasers vs. Giant Mirrors: The Funky Face-Off in AR and China’s Ambitions

Augmented reality (AR), like virtual reality (VR), is divided into two main segments: consumer and commercial. Consumer AR glasses resemble normal …


Streaming Video is Gold: The Chaos of Content

Entertainment organizations are going through major structural changes to keep a firm cash flow. It’s all about getting a large number of viewing subscribers.


Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 UWB Chipset Enhances AR/VR Experiences and Digital Signage Personalization

Samsung announced its first ultra-wideband (UWB) chipset, the Exynos Connect U100. With single-digit centimeter accuracy, the new UWB solution is optimized …


Oppo’s Fed Up With German and UK Smartphone Markets

Facing a legal battle with Nokia and a sharp drop in regional smartphone sales, the company may need to take a break from the Europeans and regroup in 2023.


Right to Repair, A New Channel of Opportunity for Display Manufacturers

The European Commission (EC) is implementing a new set of rights and tools to make repair services more accessible and convenient …


Did BOE Drop the Ball Giving Samsung Apple’s iPhone 15 Display Business

Samsung is being slated as it is starting manufacturing of displays for the next big iPhone release earlier than anticipated. This …


Samsung Going Top-Down to Dominate OLED TV Market

Looking at the high-end of the OLED TV market, and it is just Samsung, LG, or Sony. Samsung is being extra …


VueReal Goes to $40 Million, Expanding MicroLED Production With Canadian Government Help

The Ontario and Canadian governments are supporting a $40 million investment by Waterloo-based start-up VueReal with $10.5 million in joint funding. …


Samsung-Funded Research Could Lead to Ultrahigh-Resolution MicroLEDs With 40% Lower Heat Generation

With funding from the Samsung Future Technology Incubation Center, Professor Sang Hyeon Kim and his team of researchers from the Department …


E Ink Partners with Indian Tech OEM SuperUs to Boost Localization and Presence in India

E Ink and SuperUs Systems have partnered to drive localization in India for ePaper devices to expand applications and explore new ways to …

Press Releases

Foldable Phone Frenzy: Global Shipments Skyrocket to 48.1 Million Units, Hitting $42 Billion Market Value by 2027

International Data Corporation (IDC) expects worldwide shipments of foldable phones, including flip and fold form factors, to reach 21.4 million units …


TCL Flaunts MiniLED Mastery: The Secret Behind the Brand’s Soaring TV Market Success

TCL has inched its way to the second-place spot for TV market share in terms of shipment volume, boasting about its …


University Launches UK’s Largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Center for Ethical Tech Pioneers

City, University of London has teamed up with ARuVR, an Extended Reality (XR) training platform, to provide its technology and expertise …


Swiss Start-Up Ostloong Innovations Launches Lyra, Smart AR Glasses with AR and AI

Swiss start-up Ostloong Innovations has launched Lyra, a pair of smart AR glasses that use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to …


Samsung Unveils New Interactive Display and Software Solution for Education

The Samsung Interactive Display, which runs on Android OS, is customizable and offers multiple screen sharing options across device ecosystems and …