World’s First Zero Pixel Display Developed Using Neurotechnology

Elon Musk doesn’t like pixels. That’s why he is setting up a company to challenge the status quo in the display industry.

UCSD and Meta AI Work Up Video Frame Interpolation for VR and AR Headsets

Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Meta AI have developed a new video frame interpolation method …


Researchers Develop Means for On Chip Fabrication of Large Scale Perovskite Single Crystal Arrays

Metal halide perovskites have several optoelectronic properties that make them attractive for use in a wide variety of device applications.  The …


IPS Black 2 proc

The Secret of IPS Black is Out

In the early days of LCDs, the viewing angle performance was terrible.


Eye Lasers vs. Giant Mirrors: The Funky Face-Off in AR and China’s Ambitions

Augmented reality (AR), like virtual reality (VR), is divided into two main segments: consumer and commercial. Consumer AR glasses resemble normal …


Streaming Video is Gold: The Chaos of Content

Entertainment organizations are going through major structural changes to keep a firm cash flow. It’s all about getting a large number of viewing subscribers.


Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 UWB Chipset Enhances AR/VR Experiences and Digital Signage Personalization

Samsung announced its first ultra-wideband (UWB) chipset, the Exynos Connect U100. With single-digit centimeter accuracy, the new UWB solution is optimized …


Rising Smartwatch Popularity Unlocking Growth Opportunities in the Asia/Pacific Market

The Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) wearables market experienced a modest 1.8% growth in 2022, reaching 259.1 million units, recording its lowest annual …


Retro Gaming Handheld Goes OLED

When it comes to OLED displays in gaming, I was interested to find that the Anbernic RG405M handheld gaming device is …


When it Comes to Smartphone Displays, Go Big or Go Average

The premium segment, with a wholesale price of ≥$600, contributed to 55% of the total global smartphone market revenue for the first time, capturing over one-fifth of total global smartphone sales.


Samsung Test Runs Making MacBook Air OLED Panels

This is not necessarily an indication of actual production plans, but Samsung Display is reportedly developing OLED panels for the 13.3-inch …


Guardrails for CHIPS Act Funding Put China Together With Russia, Iran, and North Korea

The proposed guardrails are intended to ensure that technology and innovation funded by the CHIPS and Science Act are not used …


Display IP Licensing and the Automotive Supply Chain

The increasing digitalization of automobiles due to the rise of EVs and autonomous driving has created opportunities for component manufacturers to …


LG Launches ProBeam 4K UHD Digital Signage Projector with Advanced Edge Blending for Multi-Projector Setups

LG Electronics has announced the global launch of its first-ever digital signage projector, the LG ProBeam 4K UHD (model BU70QGA), starting …


HP Unveils Impressive Omen Gaming Displays and Monitors

HP recently unveiled a new gaming monitor lineup, including the Omen 27k Gaming Monitor as the showpiece. This monitor features HDMI …


Sharp and E Ink Collaborate to Launch Eco-Friendly, Low-Power ePoster Digital Display for the Carbon-Neutral Era

Sharp and E Ink have collaborated to create a 42-inch monochrome “ePoster” digital paper display, which will be launched in the …


Philips New Professional 44.5-inch Monitor With 5MP Webcam Coming This Summer

The Philips 45B1U6900CH has a large, 44.5-inch screen with 5120 x 1440 resolution and a 32:9, given the moniker SuperWide, ratio. …


Corsair and LG Display Work Together to Deliver the Xeneon 27QHD240 Gaming OLED Monitor

Corsair, known for components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, introduced a new gaming monitor to its lineup, the Xeneon 27QHD240 …


Touch Taiwan 2023: MicroLED Innovations and Eco-Friendly Display Technologies Highlighted

It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of Micro LED chip production value will reach 172% between 2022 and 2026.

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