Panasonic Unveils Battery for Wearables

Source: Panasonic

Wearables – Panasonic has announced the new CG-320 Li-Ion battery designed specifically for wearable devices. The battery is only around 20 mm long and is 3.5 mm in diameter as can be seen in the image below.

Source: Panasonic

The battery has a nominal capacity of 13 mAh and a voltage of 3.75 V. This is enough for Bluetooth and NFC connections with smartphones.

Panasonic sees its main application in smartglasses, fitness bands and hearing aids as well as electronic pens. The company is also working on more pin shaped battery sizes that will come with 30 mAh and 50 mAh. They would be slightly heavier than the CG-320 battery.

Panasonic plans to produce this battery at a 100,000 monthly rate and will have it available in the beginning of 2015. – Norbert Hildebrand